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A Simple REPL For the IMP Language

IMP is a simple imperative language described in the book The Formal Semantics of Programming Languages. The schema of the language is defined as follows:

\[\begin{align*} a:=&n\mid X\mid a_0+a_1\mid a_0-a_1\mid a_0 \times a_1 & ( \text{Aexp})\\ b:=&\textbf{true}\mid\textbf{false}\mid a_0=a_1\mid a_0\leq a_1\mid \neg b\mid b_0 \wedge b_1\mid b_0 \vee b_1& ( \text{Bexp})\\ c:=&\textbf{skip}\mid X:= a\mid c_0;c_1\mid \textbf{if }b\textbf{ then } c_0 \textbf{ else } c_1\mid \textbf{while }b\textbf{ do }c& ( \text{Com}) \end{align*}\]

The REPL is implemented in Haskell. To play with it, execute stack build --exec IMP-Parser-exe in your favorite terminal and start coding in IMP. Notice there appears to be some bugs when evaluating on some expressions. Please feel free to submit any issue on Github and I will try to fix it in future commits.

Here is the link to my project: IMP-Parser

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