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About Me

A highly motivated, responsible student majoring in computer science, with essential IT skills and teamwork experiences.


Waseda University

2018 - 2022

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Tokyo, Japan

  • Researching in Terauchi Laboratory, mainly focusing on program synthesis.


Technical: Java, Python, C, TypeScript, Go, SQL, Haskell, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS DynamoDB, Redis, Spring Boot, RESTful Architecture, gRPC, GraphQL, Git, AWS, AWS CDK, GitHub Actions, Travis CI, Figma, Grafana, Docker

Management: Kanban Methodology, Scrum, Jira, Trello, Slack

Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese

Work Experience


Tokyo, Japan

Software Engineer Intern

Sep 2021 to Present

  • Working on backend services.

Wantedly Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Software Engineer Intern

Aug 2021 to Aug 2021

  • Drafted a solution to migrate the usage of Personal Access Token to GitHub Apps.
  • Created a experimental wizard tool to encourage developers with no knowledge of Terraform to create common resources.


Tokyo, Japan

Software Engineer

Dec 2020 to May 2021

  • Used Grafana for service monitoring
  • Created a data pipeline using Apache Airflow
  • Automated deployment using Git Hooks and GitHub Actions
  • EC2 server maintenance

Huobi WT

Tokyo, Japan

Software Engineer

Mar 2020 to Aug 2020

  • Engaged in blockchain related development in a professional setting.
  • Designed and implemented API endpoints using Spring Boot.
  • Helped refactoring previous codes in Java.
  • Migrated internal APIs from a Restful architecture to RPC.
  • Implemented rate limit mechanism to the API service.
  • Documented API details to service users and developers using Swagger and OpenAPI.



Technical Leader

Jun 2020

Project description

  • Provided serverless backend solutions for the team
  • Improved continuous integration and deployment pipeline using Github Actions
  • Utilized the hosting feature of AWS Amplify
  • Used AWS CDK to achieve IaC and backend automation
  • Secured API endpoint from malicious requests
  • Used Swagger UI to display API documentation to developers in our team
  • Introduced Grafana to monitor backend service status and usage
  • Implemented a GraphQL API endpoint for flexible queries
  • Improved the scraper by taking a multi-threading and asynchronous approach to decrease blocking time
  • Integrated monitoring (Sentry, Grafana, Epsagon) and deployment notification (Amplify, CloudFormation) into slack workspace
  • Provided a serverless solution to perform scheduled scraping tasks using AWS Lambda, AWS StepFunction and AWS EventBridge
  • OAuth user login with Google and AWS Cognito
  • Guided new members to build their development skills
  • Introduced a formal development workflow to the team by embracing industry-level specifications and standards


AWS, Golang, Python, Node.js, TypeScript, React.js, Micro-frontends, GitHub Actions, DynamoDB, Grafana, GCP

REPL for the IMP Language

Sep 2020

  • An implementation of the toy programming language IMP including a REPL environment.